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Castello Aragonese

Castello Aragonese, Castro

Strategic bulwark for the defense of the coast. In 1282 appears for the first time a document that talks about the Castle of Castro and its strategic importance for the defense of the coast. Destroyed in 1480 by the Turks, it was rebuilt in 1572 by the Spanish viceroy. The rectangular plan of the Castle […]

Anfiteatro romano

Anfiteatro Romano, Lecce

Timeless witness to the importance of ancient Lupiae in the imperial era. When you arrive in Lecce, walk through the city to Piazza Sant’Oronzo, look all around the buildings that face, bistros, bars and pastry shops crowded with people, then you look to the left and you realize something that must be discovered by slowly […]

Torre di guardia

Torre di Guardia, Torre dell'Orso - Lecce

From the ridge that directly overlooks the bay the Tower peers far the sea. The construction of the Watchtower began in 1568 by Giovanni Tommaso Garrapa and was finished in 1580 by Angelo Garrapa who took over the direction following the sudden death of his brother. About the origin of the name there are no […]

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