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Two brothers united by a relationship cemented over time, who have decided to channel resources, energy and dedication into the construction of the ambitious and precious project in memory of their mother Paola. It all started a few years ago with our villa in Salento. We approached the world of hospitality with the desire to let our guests breathe that atmosphere of familiarity that we have always experienced during the summer holidays as children and teenagers. The positive feedback received season after season from our guests has stimulated us and pushed us to continue on this path. So we renovated Villa Paola, making it even more welcoming, and also embarked on a new adventure in the Land of Bari, precisely in Modugno.

Roberto Paparella
Vito Paparella

All this would not have been possible without the teachings and help that our parents Paola and Raffaele have given us over the years, to whom we will always be grateful and, in particular, without the strength that comes to us every day from far away, from the deep love of our mother. We promised, to ourselves and to them, to commit ourselves with all our strength and energy to create something special and give our guests an experience to cherish in their most cherished memories. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Villa Paola Vito Paparella
Villa Paola, Roberto Paparella
Le Dimore di Paola

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