For us, a guest is not just a guest

We strive every day not only to welcome those who decide to stay at our Residences, but to make our guests, who come to our land from all over the world, an integral part of a large family by transmitting to them the atmospheres, scents, flavors, sensations of our beautiful Puglia. This is simply the reason why every year we give our guests a small welcome gift, the result of the skilled hands of Apulian artisans and closely linked to our territory that can tell the story of the land of Puglia.

Season 2023


In the 2023 season, we wanted to recall the Apulian peasant tradition through a modern re-edition of the “Capasa”, the typical terracotta container used for food storage. For the creation and customization of our Capasa, we relied on the workshop of the master ceramist Tiberio Belliggiano of San Pietro in Lama (Lecce), an exponent of Salento craftsmanship.

Season 2022

Salento Goomah

In 2022 a dear childhood friend of ours Caterina Laforge from Modugno (Bari) wanted to collaborate personally with us by shaping with her own hands a very pretty ceramic reinterpretation of the Salento goomah

Season 2021

Breakfast placemats

Thanks to the golden hands of the tailoring artisan Raffaella Antonelli from Grumo Appula (Bari), in 2021 we chose an object that our guests could use in everyday life such as breakfast placemats

Season 2020

Jar with organic extra virgin olive oil

In 2020, the flagship of Puglia’s agricultural tradition, its “Green Gold”: organic extra virgin olive oil. Produced by the Dottor Simone farm in Barletta and packaged in a traditional artisanal terracotta jar.

Season 2019

Salento housewife

In 2019, in collaboration with the friends of Magicaterra di Bari and their master craftsmen, we opted for one of the symbols of Apulian craftsmanship, the typical Salento terracotta housewife.

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