Galatina, Lecce

Beating heart of Salento Galatina is located in the heart of Salento, in Apulia and is recognized as a real jewel that holds artistic and architectural treasures of inestimable value. Its historic center, enclosed within sixteenth-century walls, is an open-air museum, where every corner offers surprises. The Basilica of St. Catherine of Alexandria, with its […]


Marina di Pescoluse, Lecce

The Maldives of Salento is the name as it is best known. Marina di Pescoluse probably does not say anything at first glance… But if we tell you Maldives of Salento? That’s about to change!!! We are on the Ionian coast of Salento, with the coast facing south and a peculiar position that allows Pescoluse […]

Torre dell’Orso

Torre dell'Orso, Lecce

The heart of Salento between Lecce and Otranto. It’s no longer a secret… Torre dell’Orso has won the hearts not only of Salento people but also of the many tourists who every year decide to spend their holidays in Salento. Spearhead among the marinas of Melendugno, Torre dell’Orso conquers you not only for its crystal […]


Lecce, Puglia

The easternmost provincial capital of Italy. Capital of the Apulian Baroque, over time spread throughout Salento, Lecce has always aroused wonder in travelers who came here. The French writer Paul Bourget, in his book Sensations d’Italie, wrote: “Before coming here, I did not attribute to the terms of Baroque and Rococo that a sense of […]

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